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1. What is the basic pricing structure for both Practitioner and User?

User: $150 a month for 3 one-on-one wellness appointments.

Practitioner:  SereneBook is free for practitioners.


2. How often do practitioners get paid?

Immediately! Its magical.


3. What is the size of your reach?

SereneBook is primarily focusing on NY and LA with London following in the New Year. We will be grow throughout the US and Europe the following years.


4. How do you plan on addressing rate differences between practitioners?

We at SereneBook believe that price does not indicate quality and we strive to create a marketplace where the user is free to choose the right practitioner for them based on everything except money.


5. Is a practitioner rated and is this available to the public? Is there any capability on the site for practitioners to endorse each other? If so, what does that look like?

There is a vetting process behind the scenes at SereneBook but there is also a public facing user rating system that includes practitioner’s references, testimonials from users and SereneBook verification.


6. Can SereneBook ‘suggest’ matches based on intentions/previous behavior?

Yes, SereneBook is based around highly curated intentions that the user will choose to direct their wellness approach. This will advance as the user continues to use the platform.


7. Do users rate practitioners? If yes, how can practitioners counter negative feedback?

SereneBook will have a public rating system and private feedback system for all users to rate practitioners. The SereneBook Team will be monitoring and evaluating this feedback. If there is a consistent issue there will be an internal review.


8. Can a practitioner sell their products on the platform?

Curated products will be interwoven into SereneBook’s content. It will be an editorial choice as a featured item. This will be added to profiles in the 2.0 version in the coming year.


9. How do you find your practitioners? What is the process/criteria for vetting? 

The SereneBook team casts a wide net to find the best practitioners in every modality. Beyond those we know and have been recommended,  we have a system for accepting applications of practitioners onto SereneBook.  There is a sturdy verification process for the practitioners as we must make sure that all the practitioners we take on board are appropriately qualified, insured, skilled and suitable.


10. Will all the practitioners have to show their qualifications?

There are some modalities for which there are no qualifications (for example Angel Card Reading). In this instance SereneBook will be looking at testimonials, reviews online and references. We may request an in-person interview. For every modality that requires a qualification, SereneBook requires a copy of that qualification on file.


11. Content capability– what kinds of content can a practitioner post?

Basic information about a practitioners practice, qualifications and experience, photos, and soon in version 2.0 products, retreats and other items to sell.


12. Can you publish your content directly onto your social channels and pull in your social channels to you profile?



13. How does a user share practitioner information?

On social or via email.


14. Is there a calendar sync function?

Yes, available in the 2.0 version (which will be open to the public next year).


15. Do you have any current plans for developing an offering for practitioners to rent or have access to physical space? 

At this time it will be up to the practitioner and the user to consider the space that is safe and supportive of the needs for the session.


16. Can I have a partial refund if my month cycle isn’t over and I haven’t used all of my appointments?

No, we do not give partial refunds – you can cancel your membership and it will not renew the next month. If you haven’t used all of your appointments, they will be donated to a good cause (a child in the hospital or a person in hospice might get your appointment, for example).


17. Can I buy a membership for a friend as a gift?

Yes you can. Please contact our team in order to find out how you can do this.


18. What types of practitioners are on SereneBook?

We have practitioners in more than 100 different modalities ranging from craniosacral therapists to acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors to massage therapists, nutritionists, doulas, and everything in between. We are currently compiling a comprehensive list of all of our practitioner types and definitions.


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